Partner with the Southern Trust

The Trust will ensure the optimal gaming experience for the venue and customer by providing the latest gaming machines, the best layout, incorporating the latest leading edge technology reporting systems and our ongoing support.

The Southern Trust is committed to ensuring that every venue is successful and will reinvest consistently to achieve this.

Supporting your local community

  • 95% of funds raised at your venue are spent in your area on a wide variety of community organisations.  Your efforts will support sport, education, arts and culture, community, health and welfare.
  • 5% of the funds are used to support national organisations that provide benefits to all New Zealanders.

Supporting Local Business

We use local suppliers for goods and services whenever possible. We also encourage funding recipients to spend application funding locally.  This widens the benefits generated via your venue across your community.

We will provide you with an obligation free appraisal of your gaming operation even if you think that what you currently have is okay.


We have a great mix of venues across the country from the far north right down to the south of the south. They represent a diverse and unique cross section of communities throughout New Zealand.

Our Gaming machine suppliers

The Southern Trust has the latest Gaming Machines available today. Our selection of machines is updated on a regular basis and are available now for your site. 

Area Representatives

We have skilled, experienced staff located throughout the country assisting you with all things gaming. Get in touch with your local Southern Trust Representative.