Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for funding?
  • We only accept applications from not-for-profit organisations. These include: 

    • An incorporated society, association or organisation, which is not carried on for the purpose of providing profits or gains to any member or shareholder, and whose governing rules or constitution restrict any distribution of funds to any member or shareholder. 
    • A not-for-profit educational institution or body, church or church administration organisation. 
    • If you are a small unincorporated organisation which benefits the community and has been operating under a constitution or set of rules, for at least 12 months, please contact us to discuss options for applying under an umbrella organisation. Your organisation would need to have its own bank account, and financial statements. 

    If you have any questions relating to the above contact us on 0800 424 274 and ask to speak to one of our Grants Team.

  • What types of costs will TST fund?
  • We support operating costs and/or project costs. 

    Operating costs may be considered to support the operating and administration costs of community organisations. This may include salaries, plus general overheads such as rent, power, phone and administration costs. 

    Project cost grants may be available to assist funding to community projects, events, assets or programmes. 

    See the next tab regarding what is not eligible for funding from TST.

  • What doesn't TST fund?
  • TST does not make grants to: 

    • Individuals. 
    • Fund overseas travel for groups or individuals. 
    • Entry fees. 
    • Catering or bar related expenses. 
    • Other trust funds, capital funds or endowments. 
    • Underwrite fund-raising projects. 
    • Political parties or groups aligned with political parties. 
    • Support the spiritual activity of religious organisations. 
    • Fund debt retirement. 
    • Retrospective applications (projects which have been completed or costs committed before you have been informed of your funding decision). 
    • Commercial organisations or for the commercial activities of not-for-profit organisations. 
    • Local government or central government departments for activities that could be deemed their responsibility. 
    • Fund expenditure related to core curriculum delivery in schools, teachers' salaries and operational expenses. 
    • Projects where the beneficiaries are outside TST’s funding areas. 
    • If you require any further information on any of these points or would like to discuss your application, please contact one of our Grants Team or phone us on freephone 0800 424 274.
  • What makes a good application?
    • We won’t assess your application on how well you present the information, so don’t worry about formatting your answers. 
    • Tell us your story, help us to understand what it is you do and what you are trying to achieve.
    • Try to use clear language that is easy to understand. 
    • Be concise so your information can be easily summarized by our funding team into a report for decision making. 
    • Try to tell us about the difference your project will make (the outcomes) not just what your organisation is doing (the outputs).
  • What supporting information must be provided?
  • All grant applicants must supply the following; 

    • 2 competitive quotes (addressed to the applicant organisation) for each item requested.  The preferred quote is to be identified.  Provide an explanation in writing if you can only supply one quote per item. 
    • Upload a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation to your organisation details. 
    • Upload a copy of the resolution of the Committee / Executive to apply for funding, and authorising the two contact people to apply on behalf of the organisation.  The resolution must be certified as a true and correct record.  A sample resolution is outlined below; 
      "At a meeting of  (name of your Society/ group) on 19th December 2017 the Society resolved to apply to the Southern Trust for a grant of $1,000 towards the cost of purchasing training equipment.  

    The Society authorises Person 1 (name and position)  and the Person 2 (name and position) to apply on behalf of the Society.  

    This is certified as a true and correct record of the resolution." 

    • An original pre-printed bank deposit or bank account verification is uploaded to your organisation details. 
    • If appropriate, upload verification that your sports team or club is affiliated to a recognised national organisation, and that your national sports organisation is recognised by Sport New Zealand. 
    • Your latest set of financial accounts, completed in accordance with the constitution or Trust Deed of your organisation. 
    • If your latest set of financial account are over 6 months old you will need to provide a current financial update 
    • If applying for salary / wages, provide a job description and a copy of the current Employment Contract.
    • If applying for travel and accommodation costs, the Trust requires a written undertaking that all funds will be used correctly.  The undertaking should be as follows;

      “If the funds are approved, our group  agrees that all payments for the travel & accommodation costs will be made directly to the supplier from the account into which the grant is deposited.  Our group also agrees to repay the Southern Trust any grant money that has not been used on the approved purpose”.

      If you have any queries about this undertaking, please contact the grants team to discuss.
  • How do I find my postcode?
  • Click on the link below to visit the NZ Post website.


  • What if we don't have all the supporting information?
  • Please wait until you have all relevant documentation before submitting your application. 

    If you do not provide all the information we require at the time your application is submitted, we will put your application on hold until this information is provided.  If you application is on hold, we may withdraw your application if you do not provide the information within a reasonable time-frame. 

    You will be notified if we decide withdrawal is the appropriate action.

  • Where does TST fund?
  • The Southern Trust can only fund in the Territorial Local Authority area where we have venues. 

    To see where the TST currently provides funding, go to 

    Organisations operating outside our geographic funding areas are not eligible to apply. However, we may consider an application from a national / regional organisation if your programme aims to benefit a community within locations that have venues operating our gaming machines.

  • Can we apply for more than one project or range of operational costs per application?
  • Yes. We ask you to include your total request in one application.

    In your application we ask you to tell us which cost areas you are applying for. You do this by selecting options from a list. You are able to tick more than one cost area or project.

    It would be helpful for you to identify which of these cost areas are your priority for funding. Given our limited budget it's important we know what your priority is rather than us making assumptions.

    If you need to inform us about the different priorities for each project, you can include it in the "Anything More to Add" section.

  • Do we need to acknowledge the grant?
  • You may have opportunities to acknowledge our grant in your marketing materials. This might include your website, social media, marketing material and any other relevant promotional tool.

    To find out more about these requirements go to

  • What will we need to report on if we receive a grant?
  • The Southern Trust is keen to learn about the difference organisations are making in our communities with the help of our funding.

    All recipients will have their grant audited and will be required to provide an audit report as part of this process.

    We will send you a short post grant survey about 6 months after the grant was made which asks for some basic information about how you found the application process and if the Trust could improve its processes.

    In addition, we will ask some of our large grant recipients to give us more information. This may take the form of surveys or interviews.

    There may be some instances, where a more complete evaluation of your programme would provide useful learnings. This would be agreed upon in discussion with your organisation.

    The purpose of our audit process is for learning and development, both for us and our communities.

    For audit purposes, you will need to provide;

    * Bank statements to confirm receipt of the grant and showing the payments being made. Note that bank statements need to have organisations name and account number included. Organisations need to show a clear paper-trail relating to the receipt and expenditure of the grant.

    * Invoices and payments must match the amount and supplier outlined on the quote provided with the application.

    * For salary grants, provide a copy of the relevant payslips and bank statements confirming payments. If salaries are part of a batch payment, the batch summary as well as the pay slips are required.

    * If the full amount of the grant is not spent for some reason, complete the audit report and submit. The TST Auditor will assess your report and request the refund / repayment of unspent monies.

    To talk to our Funding Auditor Rebecca, call 0800-424-274 ext 720

  • When should I apply and when will I have a result?
  • We consider applications all year round and do not have any set closing and meeting dates. We suggest that you contact the Grants Team on 0800-424-274 to discuss your application and we can guide you through the application process.

    It is important to note you can only receive one grant per calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec) based on the approval date of your application. We cannot fund retrospectively, so it is important you allow sufficient time for your application to be considered. Applications will not be considered if your group/organisation has an outstanding audit.

    You need to allow at least six weeks to hear the outcome of your application. If you don't think you have left enough time to hear an outcome before your project begins, please contact our Grants Team before applying.

  • What is retrospective?
  • The Southern Trust cannot fund retrospectively. This means if you have already committed to the costs or the activity will take place before you hear the outcome of your application, we will not be able to fund your request.

    If this may be the case, we suggest that you contact the Grants Team on 0800-424-274 to discuss your application.

  • Our application has been declined. When can we apply again?
  • If your application has been declined, you are able to re-apply at any time. You may wish to have another look at our website to see how your project or organisation fits our focus areas. We also encourage you to call our Grants Team before submitting another application on 0800-424-274.

  • Why are some applications declined?
  • Unfortunately TST receives applications for funding which are far higher than the budget we have available. So we have to make difficult decisions about which projects we’re able to support. Some reasons an application might be declined include:

    * The application did not meet our eligibility criteria or are requesting excluded items.

    * The request did not align strongly with our funding priorities.

    * Your organisation is considered to be financially well resourced.  TST prefers to assist organisations with less access to other funds or holding significant investments.

  • What happens to my application once I have submitted?
  • Applications are submitted through our online portal.

    Once it arrives into the TST system, one of our Grants Team checks to see you have submitted all of the requested information. They will check if your application meets our eligibility criteria and is not requesting an excluded item.

    We will also look to see how strongly your application aligns with our funding policies.

    A report, which summarises the application, is presented to either the Nett Proceeds Committee or Board of Trustees, depending on the value of your application. If your application is under $30,000 it will be considered by the Nett Proceeds Committee, who meet on a weekly basis. If your application is for $30,000 or more it will go before the Board of Trustees meeting, which are held monthly. These are limited so we suggest you contact the Grants Team to discuss the application and get an indication of the next available meeting.

    The Nett Proceeds Committee or the Board of Trustee will make the final decision on supporting or declining applications.

    All this can take time, as we give each application careful consideration and the attention it deserves. So thank you for your patience in waiting for the outcome of your application.

  • How will we know if our group has received funding?
  • We’ll send you an email directly after the meeting to tell you whether your application has been successful or whether it has been declined.

    If there are specific terms and conditions attached to the grant, you will be advised of the time-frame in which you need to meet them, and we may withdraw the grant if you are unable to do so.

  • Who decides if my application will be funded or not?
  • If your application is for a total of $30,000 or more, it will be considered by the TST Board of Trustees at their next available monthly meeting.

    If your application is for less than $30,000, it is considered by the TST Nett Proceeds Committee. The Nett Proceeds Committee meet on a weekly basis to consider applications, but it may take up to 6 weeks before your application can be considered.

    If you have any questions about when your application will be considered, call the Grants Team on 0800-424-274.

  • Why does it take so long to hear if my application is successful?
  • Each application is unique. We consider each request’s scope and complexity, amount requested, your organisation’s history with us, as well as other factors that could contribute to or hinder its success.

    This takes time. We give every request careful consideration and the attention it deserves. We appreciate your patience.

  • Can I talk to someone about my application?
  • Our Grants Team is available by calling 0800-424-274. One of our team will be able to answer queries you may have about the application process.

    If your organisation is based in the North Island, call Nicola on 0800-424-274 ext 715

    If your organisation is based in the South Island, call Anthea on 0800-424-274 ext 714

    Or the Grants Manager, Steve on 0800-424-274 ext 713

    Or the Chief Executive, Karen on 0800-424-274 ext 701