Funding Administration

Steve Bennett

Steve is new to the Southern Trust joining it in 2017 but has spent the majority of his working life as a community development and funding advisor with the Lottery Grants Board and COGs funding schemes.  He is involved in a number of non-profit organisations in various governance roles.

Steve Bennett Funding Manager

Email: DDI: (03) 4716294
Nicola Watson
Nicola Watson Funding Administration: North Island

Email: DDI: (03) 4716297
Anthea Taylor
Anthea Taylor Funding Administration: South Island

Email: DDI: (03) 471 6296
Rebecca Franklin
Rebecca Franklin Funding Auditor

Email: DDI: (03) 4716298

Venue Support Team

Cam Wilson

Cam has been with the Trust since 2004, his experience working for the NZ Police and the Department of Internal Affairs has been invaluable in ensuring that the Trust continues to be a trusted and compliant society.

Cam Wilson National Operations & Compliance Manager

Email: DDI: (03) 4716293 Mobile: (027) 5500030
Ra Piripi
Ra Piripi Upper North Island

Email: Mobile: (027) 5500039
Toby Elliottyson
Toby Elliottyson Central North Island

Email: Mobile: (027) 5500037
Greg Clapp
Greg Clapp Christchurch, Central South Island

Email: Mobile: (027) 5500032
Kevin Galliven
Kevin Galliven Lower South Island

Email: Mobile: (027) 5500034
Kerry Fraser
Kerry Fraser Compliance Officer

Email: DDI: (03) 4716605
Jocelyn Faul
Jocelyn Faul Project Manager

Email: DDI: (03) 4716602

Finance and Administration

Nick Rutledge
Nick Rutledge Chief Financial Officer

Email: DDI: (03) 471 6600
Scott McQueen
Scott McQueen IT Support

Email: DDI: (03) 471 6604 Mobile: (027) 5500035
Fazmy Izzath
Fazmy Izzath Finance Manager

Email: DDI: (03) 4716299

Board of Trustees

Peter Haslemore

Peter is Dunedin born and bred and has had a long career as a Public servant working for a variety of different organisations including the Department of Internal Affairs.  He is currently working in the public health sector.  Peter has active roles in sport and the community, especially surf lifesaving.

Peter has been with the Southern Trust since 1999.

Peter Haslemore Trustee

Phone: 03 471 8850
Karen Shea

Karen was one of the founders of the Southern Trust; over her 20 years working for the Trust in the Class 4 sector and a previous role with the regulator, she has a great deal of experience and knowledge about the sector.  The Trust focus is on ensuring that the granting decisions made support the wider New Zealand community.

Karen Shea CEO and Trustee

Email: DDI: (03) 4716601
Doug McCaulay

Doug brings a wealth of experience to the board from the security, training and hospitality sectors.  He has a particular interest and expertise in risk management and holds several board positions in the not for profit sector.

Doug has been with the Southern Trust since 2013.

Doug McCaulay Deputy Chairperson

Phone: 03 471 8850
Evan Moore

Evan was born and raised in the Maniototo, he completed his law degree at the University of Otago.  He works as a general lawyer with his primary areas of expertise being residential conveyancing, general family law, wills, trusts and estate administration.  Evan was appointed a Notary Public in 2014.

Evan has been with the Southern Trust since 2001.

Evan Moore Chairperson

Phone: 03 471 8850