Community Funding

The Southern Trust provides funding to a diverse range of organisations and communities right across the country including amateur sport, education, community purposes, welfare organisations, arts and culture. Most families within New Zealand have received some benefit, either directly or indirectly, from gaming machine proceeds through our funding.

The Trust is required under the terms and conditions of our license issued by the Department of Internal Affairs to return at least 40% of gaming machine proceeds to the community.

Venue Operators

Venue operators are an integral part of what we do they are tasked with managing the administration associated with the conduct of gaming on their premises and must meet various legislative requirements.

In return for performing these duties, venue operators are paid an amount that is approved by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Our venue operators help us achieve the results we need to disburse maximum funding back into their communities. They make funding application forms available for the local community to access, but they are not able to make recommendations on what applications are approved or declined. Any applicant with queries or who requires information should contact the Southern Trust directly.


In the past twenty years the Southern Trust has distributed more than $260m back in to the community. Many organisations throughout New Zealand have benefitted from funding from the Trust. We believe that in every one of the donations awarded, a real difference has been made in the quality of life of the New Zealand community. It is the philosophy of the Trust to ensure that we demonstrate a broad approach to funding our communities. We thank all the people and organisations who have contributed to making this a reality.


To be recognised as the most highly respected and compliant Gaming Society by the communities our venues operate in, venue operators, government, and the regulator. 


We have a culture that supports values and inspires our venue operators, our staff and the community.


We develop relationships that positively affect our venue operators’ business.

We are experts in our field.

We provide outstanding products and service that deliver premium value to venue operators and the community.

We work together to achieve our vision to be the most highly respected and compliant Gaming Society.

We connect with communities to ensure the funding we provide empowers those communities and provides community well-being and positive outcomes for the people.

We respect and encourage each other.

We ensure the integrity of the Trust is at the heart of decision-making and behaviour.

We are all personally accountable for supporting the Values and Mission of the Trust.