Funding your community for over 20 years

Welcome to The Southern Trust, we’ve been part of your community for 20 years. We fund all sorts of community groups and national initiatives check out the types of the organisations and projects we like to help here.


The COVID-19 Virus has had an adverse effect on TST and as a temporary measure The Southern Trust has taken the decision to stop all non-essential spending and to cease grant payments until further notice.

This decision does not apply to time critical grants currently under consideration or grants that have already been approved and is a temporary measure only.

We will actively review our position on a regular basis with a view to getting back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Please note that any grants that would normally have been approved but have been put on hold during this time will be considered in chronological order based on the date of submission when we resume business as usual.

Our dedicated grants team will continue to process applications up to the point of approval during this time.


Who benefits from the funding

We return 95% of available proceeds to the community in which they were raised. The remaining 5% of proceeds are distributed to purposes that benefit wider regional communities or purposes that benefit all New Zealanders. 

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The organisations we’ve helped

The Southern Trust has been a proud funding sponsor of a full range of community groups and charitable causes.

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Our partners

Without the help of our valued gaming partners, the Southern Trust would not be able to provide the funding it does. We keep our partners informed and up to date with technology and help with the successful running of their venues, which includes online performance checking and other advice.

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